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Pyux - Python ux tools to ease tracking scripts

Pyux is a set of functions and classes that help with keeping track of what is happening during a script execution. It contains simple but helpful classes. Contributions to the package are welcomed !

Three modules are available :

  • console provide tools to print stuff to console while a script is executing
  • time provide tools in relation with time, which is measuring it or waiting for it
  • logging contains a wrapper around a logger from logging module to spare you configuring one.

All classes and functions can be imported straight from pyux, without needing to pass the module name.


You can download pyux from PyPi. There is only one requirement which is package colorama, which will be automatically installed with pyux.

pip install pyux-track

Demonstration script

Once installed, the package comes with a demonstration script that you can use to see how the available classes behave. The demo is exhaustive and interactive so you can skip some sections if you want, or quit it if you get bored. Launch the demo by typing in a terminal :

python -m pyux

Please note that the demo does not provide any information on how to use the classes : you will find detailed explanations in the documentation.